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[A Curated Collection of Ocean + Cottage inspired Gifts and Decor for the bright-color-lover at heart]

Hammered copper bar set

A hammered surface and gleaming copper finish draw light to this exquisite classic cocktail shaker and two matching Moscow mule mugs. The three-piece set is a gorgeous accent in any kitchen or atop any bar cart.

Two 16-oz mugs & one 25-oz shaker. Food-safe copper & stainless steel. Leak resistant lid. Makes a great gift!

Shipment: 2 weeks 

Dimensions: 4.25x9.25x9.5h


Once you buy this perfect gift, don't forget to try a moscow mule for yourself!

Ingredients: Vodka, Lime Juice, Ginger beer, Sprig of mint, and a lime wedge. Chill your new copper mug in the freezer for 5-10mins, fill the copper mug with ice 3/4 full. Pour in your vodka (2oz) + lime juice (1/2oz) + ginger beer (5oz) + a don't forget to garnish with a sprig of mint and that lime wedge for that extra touch! And finally.. sip and enjoy! 

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