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[A Curated Collection of Ocean + Cottage inspired Gifts and Decor for the bright-color-lover at heart]

Old Kentucky home: copper and gold winged corkscrew

The classic winged corkscrew merges with a higher level of sophistication in this newest addition to the Old Kentucky Home collection. Featuring lever arms, five-turn worm and integrated bottle opener, it's the ultimate compliment to the traditional Moscow Mule - plated throughout in durable stainless steel, flashy gold and resplendent copper.--Crafted from stainless steel--Lever arms--Integrated bottle opener--Copper & gold plated finish

Serrated foil cutter, 5-turn nonstick worm, Copper and gold plated

Makes a great gift

Dimensions: 1.25" l x 2" w x 6.5" h 

+Wine not included+

 Shipment: 2 weeks 

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