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[A Curated Collection of Ocean + Cottage inspired Gifts and Decor for the bright-color-lover at heart]



I just wanted to write something to introduce the store and myself. My name is Paula, and I am an avid lover of color, patterns, and anything sunshine and fun related. I grew up in South Florida were homes were draped in patterns, bright colors and the sun filled every room. Needless to say this definitely helped with my love for the obvious and also my love for things that make you feel happy. Throughout my life, I have found joy in traveling, and seeing and meeting new places and people. I have always wanted a boutique to sell my print work (I'm also a photographer)  and gifts and decor items that I myself would buy to decorate my own home. And with that said, I created Oceandreamer decor and gifts. 

The name comes from my own personal website I created in middle school and carried out into high school. The site was filled with my personal liking of boybands, and trends, and I unfortunately stopped updating it when I went off to college and my life became a little bit more complicated. I have always been a lover of the ocean, a dreamer at heart, and a cultivator of anything that is happy. So with that said.. I introduce you to Oceandreamer decor and gifts. I hope you enjoy the store, and I hope to grow this new venture in the near future, and possibly having a store front. 

Hugs + love,


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