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[A Curated Collection of Ocean + Cottage inspired Gifts and Decor for the bright-color-lover at heart]



Oceandreamer store was created by me, Paula Stauffer. I wanted to share specialty items that would make you feel happy and inspired. Whether it's stuff for you and your home or your gifting, I believe you should always surround yourself with things that always evoke happy feelings. 

The idea of the store started with my love for having items in my own home that evoke happiness through their bright colors or patterns. I also love sharing gifts with people I adore and truly finding gems that completely identify with the recipient. There is nothing better than making someone's day and I feel like certain gifts and messages do this. It's about buying things that will make someone feel like you really know them. Those are things that truly count. 

My background stems in photography and as an entrepreneur and creative professional, making my clients feel their greatest is my number one priority. With that said, I always try and find items that I can send to my clients as a thank you for trusting me with their most intimate and important moments in their lives. Oceandreamer has allowed me to share this love, and in the meantime I hope to help other professionals grow in their business by providing a product and service that is definitely needed.

And also helping anyone wanting to create a gift that is more than just a gift but is something that becomes memorable. 


-Thank you for supporting + cheers to many more gifts to come! 


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